CEO Presentations Suck, and They Need to Stop Sucking

It’s Wednesday morning and you spring out of bed. You quickly take a shower, wolf down breakfast, and start your commute. You can’t wait to get into work and attend the staff meeting. The CEO ...

Shine Some Thrival Love on Your Sisters Today

Happy Holidays from The Business Accelerator Lab

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Raising Money and Running a Marathon

As I was running on the treadmill this week, I was thinking about the circumstances that had me preparing to fundraise AND run a marathon. It is not uncommon for me to “gut feel” myself ...

Shine Some Thrival Love on Your Sisters Today

2015 – Indulge, Connect, Educate and Inspire

Brand Builders Checklist

This checklist is a helpful guide to ensure you’re on the right track in building your brand – from your logo all the way to your elevator pitch. This will be beneficial for you in all aspects ...

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